PolyU Corpus of Spoken Chinese

v1.3 (released on 1 January 2015)

This corpus is a set of audio-recordings of conversational exchanges in Chinese between interviewers and interviewees discussing a wide range of subjects, including travel talk, and life experiences. There are presently 28 transcripts. These transcripts are rendered in Chinese characters.


The creation of this corpus was made possible by the following grants (PI: Dr Foong Ha YAP):

"Stance Marking in Asian Languages: Linguistic and Cultural Perspectives" (RGC GRF Grant 2010-2013, PolyU 5513/10H)

"Non-referential Uses of Nominalization Constructions: Asian Perspectives" (HKPU Internal Grant, 2010-2013, HKPU 1-ZV6W)

"Establishing Common Ground in Public Discourse: An Analysis of Electoral Speeches, Press Conferences and Q&A Sessions in Hong Kong" (PolyU ICRG, 2012-2014, HKPU G-YK85)

 To read the transcriptions, you will need Adobe Reader. To decompress a batch of transcriptions, you will need 7-Zip.

We are carrying on updating this corpus. More data will be uploaded in future release.

Suggestions, feedback, queries and comments are welcome and can be directed to Wong Tak-sum at wong_taksum@hotmail.com .

 We recommend that you cite our corpus as:                                                

PolyU Corpus of Spoken Chinese, Department of English, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Modified 4 June 2015, Retrieved DATE, from <http://asianlang.engl.polyu.edu.hk/> .


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Cantonese Discourse Data

ID# of Participant


Travel Pictures

Ritual Pictures

Free conversation

Informant 1

Sound Track


Sound Track


Sound Track


Sound Track (4'33")


Informant 4

Sound Track


Sound Track


Sound Track


Sound Track (2'09")


Informant 6

Sound Track


Sound Track


Sound Track


Sound Track (2'44")


Informant 13

Sound Track


Sound Track


Sound Track


Sound Track (5'14")


Informant 14

Sound Track


Sound Track


Sound Track


Sound Track (5'24")


Informant 15

Sound Track


Sound Track


Sound Track


Sound Track (8'59")


Informant 16

Sound Track (9'56") Transcript Sound Track (12'38") Transcript Sound Track (17'37") Transcript

Sound Track (5'32")


Informant 17

Sound Track (11'14")   Sound Track (16'35")   Sound Track (20'34")  

Sound Track (9'7")


Informant 18

Sound Track (8'41") Transcript Sound Track (14'1") Transcript Sound Track (21'49") Transcript

Sound Track (4'31")


Informant 19

Sound Track (7'39") Transcript Sound Track (17'46") Transcript Sound Track (30'23") Transcript

Sound Track (8'28")






All informants (4h 5'35")

Sound Track (37'30") All transcripts Sound Track (1h 1') All transcripts Sound Track (1h 30'23") All transcripts

Sound Track (56’41”)

All transcripts

Cantonese Debates Hosted by RTHK


Geographical Constituency Areas concerned



18 Aug 2012

Hong Kong Island

1h 6’43”


19 Aug 2012

Kowloon East



25 Aug 2012

New Territories East

1h 7'04"


26 Aug 2012

Kowloon West



01 Sept 2012

New Territories West

1h 7'03"


02 Sept 2012

District Council (Second)



Total time duration

5h 35’08”

All transcripts

Note: Given that a Chinese character may correspond to more than one morpheme and have more than one pronunciation, sometimes there is no one-to-one correspondence between a Chinese character and its pronunciation. Jyutping romanization of the character is thus tagged when there is potential ambiguity.

Mandarin Discourse Data

ID# of Participant


Travel Pictures

Ritual Pictures

Free conversation


Sound Track


Sound Track (11'39")

Transcript Sound Track Transcript Sound Track Transcript


Sound Track (4'41")


Sound Track (13'35")


Sound Track (6'36")


Sound Track (3'28")



Sound Track 7.50


Sound Track (12'15")


Sound Track


Sound Track



Sound Track (5'26")


Sound Track (9'45")


Sound Track (6'55")


Sound Track (2'34")



Sound Track


Sound Track (14'49")


Sound Track


Sound Track



Sound Track


Sound Track (4'25")


Sound Track


Sound Track



Sound Track


Sound Track (10'19")


Sound Track


Sound Track



Sound Track 6.12


Sound Track (10'38")


Sound Track


Sound Track



Sound Track (10'17")


Sound Track (21'34")

Transcript Sound Track (9'13") Transcript

Sound Track (10'45")

IE_18 Sound Track (11'9") Transcript Sound Track (8'44") Transcript Sound Track (3'57") Transcript    
IE_19 Sound Track (6'1") Transcript Sound Track (9'20") Transcript Sound Track (12'1") Transcript    
IE_20 Sound Track (7'32") Transcript Sound Track (11'2") Transcript Sound Track (17'37") Transcript Sound Track (6'5") Transcript

Sound Track


Sound Track


Sound Track


Sound Track


Sound Track


Sound Track


Sound Track


Sound Track

IE_FC11             Sound Track Transcript

All informants (3h 7'41")

Sound Track (12'37")

All transcripts

Sound Track (2h 43'48")

All transcripts Sound Track (hh hh' ss") All transcripts

Sound Track (11’16”)

All transcripts


List of research publications and presentations that have benefited from data from this corpus


Yap, Foong Ha, Ying Yang and Tak-Sum Wong. (accepted). On the development of sentence final particles (and utterance tags) in Chinese. In The Role of the Left and Right Periphery in Semantic [Studies in Pragmatics Series], Kate Beeching & Ulrich Detges (eds). Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishers.

Yap, Foong Ha, Winnie Chor and Jiao Wang. (2012). On the development of epistemic ‘fear’ markers: An analysis of Mandarin kongpa and Cantonese taipaa. Covert Patterns of Modality, Werner Abraham Elisabeth Leiss (eds), 312-342. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Scholars.

Conference Presentations

Yang, Ying, Foong Ha Yap and Tak-Sum Wong. (2012). “I am sure but I hedge”: fear expression kongpa as a rhetorical interactive strategy in Mandarin conversation. Paper presented at the Workshop on Epistemicity, Evidentiality and Attitude in Asian Languages: Typological, Diachronic and Discourse Perspectives, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, September 3-5.

Yap, Foong Ha and Winnie Oi-wan Chor. (2012). Epistemic downgrading in Cantonese conversations. Paper presented at the 20th Annual Conference of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL-20), Hong Kong Polytechnic University, September 3-5.

We would appreciate hearing from you if your publications or conference presentations have made use of or referred to results based on this corpus.


We wish to thank the members the following research team members who worked on different stages of this corpus:


Preparation of Interview Questions:

CHOR Winnie Oi-wan 



CHAN Shuk-ling Ariel 

YANG Ying Vivien 



CHAN Shuk-ling Ariel 

CHAN Yu-kwan Daniel 

CHING Yuk-yin Jessie 

KONG Pui-yu Polly

LAM Chi-fung

MIN Wei Phyllis

SIU Pui-shan Gloria 

TONG Ka-tai Rosanne 

YUNG Hiu-lam Landia 


Transcription Editors:

WONG Tak-sum Sam (Cantonese)

YANG Ying Vivien (Mandarin)


Corpus Website Supervisor:

WONG Tak-sum Sam

Links to Other Corpora and Databases


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Links to Cantonese References

On-line Dictionaries

Ÿ             香港教育大學粵語自學平台  2020

Ÿ             粵語詞彙研究所  2019

Ÿ             CC-Canto beta 2017

Ÿ             粵典 beta 2014

Ÿ             粵語詞典──開放詞典網 2009

Ÿ             CantoDict 2003

Ÿ             現代標準漢語與粵語對照資料庫 2001

Ÿ             粵語同音字典 1974

Ÿ             Dictionary of Cantonese Slang

Ÿ             Glosbe 英文粵語字典在線

Ÿ             香港常用語詞典 2014

On-line Pronunciation Dictionaries

Ÿ             Cantonese Dictionary 2021

Ÿ             MDBG English to Chinese Dictionary 2021

Ÿ             泛粵大典 2019

Ÿ             Association for Conservation of Hong Kong Indigenous Languages Pronouncing Dictionary 香港本土語言保育協會音字典 2016

Ÿ             音資料集叢 2014

Ÿ             Lexical Items with English Explanations for Fundamental Chinese Learning in Hong Kong Schools 中英對照香港學校中文學習基礎字詞 2008

Ÿ             東東讀音小字典 2003

Ÿ             Chinese Character Database: With Word-formations Phonologically disambiguated According to the Cantonese Dialect 語審音配詞字庫 2003

Ÿ             S. L. Wong's A Chinese Syllabary Pronounced according to the Dialect of Canton 黃錫凌《語韻彙》電子版 1996

Ÿ             語發音詞典

Ÿ             CKC Online Chinese Dictionary 縱橫在線中文字典

Ÿ             CantoneseAID v5.2 粵音檢字法

Printed Dictionaries

Ÿ             虞學圃、溫岐石 1782《江湖尺牘分韻撮要合集》。澳大利亞國家圖書館館藏 韻典網

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Studies in Vocabulary Items and Idioms

Ÿ             詹憲慈 1924:《廣州語本字》,手稿。 1995 Wikipedia

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Ÿ             彭志銘 2016:《粵港歇後語鈎沉》。 香港:次文化堂

Links to Classical Chinese References

On-line Dictionaries

Ÿ             Unihan Database 1993

Ÿ             Chinese Etymology 字源 1994

Ÿ             漢字字典 2002

Ÿ             A Study of the Chinese Characters Recommended for the subject of Chinese Language in Primary Schools 小學中文科常用字研究 2003

Ÿ             漢典 2004

Ÿ             說文解字注 2006

Ÿ             開放康熙字典

Ÿ             康熙字典網上版

Ÿ             International Encoded Han Character and Variants Database 國際電腦漢字及異體字知識庫  2010

Ÿ             象形字典  2010

Ÿ             引得市 2012

Ÿ             小學堂文字學資料庫 2013

Ÿ             Multi-function Chinese Character Database 漢語多功能字庫 2014

Ÿ             甲骨文研究網 2014

Ÿ             重編國語辭典──修訂本 2015

Ÿ             Dictionary of Chinese Character Variants 異體字字典 2017

Ÿ             中華語文知識庫  2017

Ÿ             zi tools 字統 网 2019

Ÿ             白雲深處人家 2019

Ÿ             The Complete Collection of Ancient and Modern Characters 古今文字集成 2021

Ÿ             搜詞尋字

Ÿ             源查詢

Ÿ             國學迷 2021

Ÿ             數字化《說文解字》

Links to Tools for Developing Chinese Corpus

On-line Tools

Ÿ             A Chinese Word Segmentation System with Unknown Word Extraction and POS Tagging 中文斷詞系統

Ÿ             CKIP Chinese Parser demo version 中文剖析器線上測試

Ÿ             Chinese Knowledge and Information Processing

Ÿ             家敎育研究院分詞系統

Ÿ             語料庫在線──漢語分詞和詞性自動標註

Ÿ             漢文の依存文法解析と返り点の関係について

Ÿ             UDPipe Visualizer with Immediate Catena Tree

Off-line Tools

Ÿ             The Stanford Word Segmenter

Ÿ             The Stanford Log-linear Part-of-Speech Tagger

Ÿ             The Stanford Parser: A statistical parser

Ÿ             The Stanford Named Entity Recognizer

Ÿ             The Stanford CoreNLP

Ÿ             結巴中文分詞程式

Ÿ             Natural Language Processing with Python

Ÿ             PyCantonese: Cantonese Linguistics and NLP in Python

Ÿ             udchinese 0.5.0: Tokenizer POS-tagger and Dependency-parser for Chinese

Overview on Tools for Natural Language Processing in Chinese

Ÿ             中文處理工具簡介

Ÿ             中文斷詞技術簡介

Ÿ             Chinese Natural Language Processing and Speech Processing

Ÿ             Analyzing Cantopop with PyCantonese - Charles Lam

Ÿ             Extracting Cantonese data from Hong Kong Chinese corpora



Foong Ha YAP, Principal Investigator

PolyU Corpus of Spoken Chinese

9th February, 2013


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